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Dale Ingraham

Dale Ingraham
Dale graduated from Practical Bible Training School in Johnson City, NY in 1983. He has been the pastor of the Curtis Baptist Bible Church in Campbell, NY for the past 14 years. Dale has been married to Faith, for 30 years, and together they have five children, and three grandchildren. Dale co-founded ‘ Speaking Truth In Love Ministries’ with his wife, Faith, in 2008 to address the issue of abuse in the church. He is also the President of MK Safety Net US; the author of ‘Tear Down This Wall, Sexual Abuse In The Church’ and is also a certified trainer for ‘Plan To Protect’ which is one of the leading abuse prevention training services in Canada and soon to be in the US. Dale and Faith travel and speak about the issue of abuse in churches, colleges and conferences. “Our desire is to help stem the tide of abuse that is hurting so many”.

Faith Ingraham

Faith Ingraham
Faith Ingraham is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse by her father. She was born into the home of an Independent Baptist Pastor, the sixth of nine children and only daughter. She graduated from Corning Community College and Practical Bible Training School. Faith married Dale after she graduated from Bible College and has been a pastor’s wife for thirty one years.

Faith co-founded ‘Speaking Truth In Love Ministries’ with Dale in 2008 and today they travel and speak, about the issue of abuse, in churches, colleges and conferences across the country. Faith’s story has been published in a number of periodicals and she is working on a book that chronicles the abuse of her childhood and how God brought her through it and has blessed her with a loving husband, five wonderful children and four beautiful grandchildren.