We can help your organization develop child protection policies. We are certified trainers in the prevention of child abuse--through Plan to Protect--. We speak in churches, colleges and organizations providing awareness . . . prevention and hope for healing.

Justice for victims has all too often been abandoned and a willingness to excuse the crimes of offenders has been embraced. But things are changing; the Law and society have made serious progress in recognizing and dealing with the criminal behavior of abusers. The Church has a long way to go, but some in the Christian community are beginning to speak out in support of survivors of abuse.

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Their presentations were informative and very touching. I was pleased with the response of our congregation during the sessions and in the weeks and months to follow. I would highly recommend Faith and Dale Ingraham to you as advisors, counselors, and as teachers. I know your church or organization will benefit greatly from their ministry.

Dr. George Miller III, Sr.

Pastor: North Syracuse Baptist Church

Syracuse, NY

Dale and Faith have been guest lecturers in several of my counseling classes and chapel speakers at Davis College in Johnson City, NY. Their personal experience and expertise in the area of sexual abuse has offered a wealth of information and healing to others who are studying to become counselors or who have been affected by abuse.

Sheila Flipse

MA, LMHC, NCC: Davis College

Johnson City, NY

I love the scriptural references throughout this presentation, taking the time to interact with scripture as the primary source is appreciated. Thank you for sharing your personal testimony, it was very shocking and effective. Thank you for being a woman of courage.


Director: Children's Ministry

Thank you so much for your time in coming to speak at my college, I felt blessed to have you there and felt all that you had mentioned hit home as a victim of sexual abuse as a child.


I have had the Ingraham's in my church at a pastors' conference. They did an excellent job. God used their presentation to wake up many of His people. This ministry can help churches and ministry leaders to be better equipped to face the last days' moral decline of our society.

Duke Hergatt

Pastor: Temple Baptist

Waterford, NY