Who We Are?

Dale & Faith Oval

Our Founders

Dale Ingraham graduated from Practical Bible Training School in Johnson City, NY in 1983. He has been a pastor of several churches since beginning his ministry in 1983.  In 2020, he resigned from Curtis Baptist Bible Church in Campbell, NY,  where he served as their pastor for 20 years, to devote himself fully to the ministry of Speaking Truth in Love.  He is the author of “Tear Down This Wall of Silence”. He also serves on the board of MK Safety Net US.  He is a speaker, trainer, author and strong advocate for victims and survivors of abuse.

Faith Ingraham is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She has been serving with her husband in pastoral ministry since 1984.  She is an author, speaker, life coach and strong advocate against domestic violence and abuse. Dale and Faith have been married since 1984.  She home schooled all five of their children and enjoys spending time with their grown children and grandchildren.

board of directors

Pastor Dale Ingraham – Co-Founder and President

Mrs. Faith Ingraham – Co-Founder and Vice President

Ms. Roseanne Rivas – Treasurer
 Retired Vice President,  Center State Bank, Val Rico, FL

Ms. Sandra Peterham – Board Secretary
  Retired LPN, Fairport Baptist Home, Fairport, NY        

Rev. Bob Dean – Board Member & Senior Advisor
  Pastor of  Tonawanda Indian Baptist Church since 1979
Pastor of  High Point Community Church since 2009

Mr. James Carl – Board Member & Senior Advisor
Retired VP Operations & Director of Adult Ministries,
  Family Life Network

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Advisory Board

Lisa Bishop, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, Mannix Marketing

Amy Blencowe, Office Manager, North Baptist Church

Elijah Daniels, Self-Employed, Musician, Artist, Speaker

Rebecca Davis, Trauma Informed Writer, Editor, and Book Coach

Robert Harding, Retired Missionary

Robin Harding, Family Practitioner

Vickie Pang, Pre School Teacher and Worship Leader

Bob Vickers, Founder & President of Artful Askers, Author, Speaker & Trainer

Kristi Wetzel, Founder & President of All about Europe