What’s On the Horizon

Speaking Truth in Love Ministries is looking to acquire and maintain a retreat, healing and training center where clients have a safe and peaceful place to receive healing, training and resources.

Our vision is for a year round facility with counselors and support staff to assist in healing and growing.  

Knowing that nature provides the perfect setting for healing, we are hoping for a beautiful property that will allow the beauty of creation to assist in providing a peaceful place to come away and be refreshed.

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what we do

Educate, Equip, Encourage and Empower

If you would like to have us speak in your church, organization or small group please contact us;

Presentations that are geared to empowering and encouraging survivors, families and helpers:

  • Blameless In His Eyes – Presentation to survivors and advocates demonstrating that the abuse is not their fault and they bear no shame.  Also gives opportunity for them to hear from others that they are valuable in God’s eyes and in our eyes.  So many victims of abuse are revictimized by the people they turn to for help.  Many of them have never heard anyone say they are sorry for what they have been through. We take this opportunity to let victims and survivors know that we are sorry for the abuse they suffered. Because so many survivors of abuse feel unclean, unlovable or that the abuse was somehow their fault, each participant is presented with a white rose to signify their purity.  Many participants that we have had contact with years after they attended one of these presentations, have shown us the petals or dried roses that they received.
  • Hope and Healing – Presentation that gives practical advice to survivors on their healing journey.
  • What Helps; What Hurts – Presentation with responses from survivors on what others have done that was helpful or hurtful on their healing journey.  This helps both survivors, advocates and helpers to respond well when those who are hurting come to us for help.
  • Memorial For The Little Ones – Many who we minister to have suffered great loss. They often are not able to express that loss or properly grieve.  This is an intimate service that was developed for those who have lost children through miscarriage or abortion.  It provides a safe place to grieve their loss.
Presentations to educate and equip churches and other organizations in their effort to prevent, recognize and respond well to abuse in their communities.
  • Stop It Now – A call to recognize that what we may have done in the past may have contributed to abuse. Now we must take necessary steps to prevent abuse and respond to it quicker and more appropriately.
  • What Does God Say About Abuse – A look at how God views abuse.  He warns offenders and commands us to love one another. Nowhere in scripture are offenders given permission to abuse their spouse, children or those who are under their authority.
  • Protecting our Kids – Gives practical advice on how we can empower our children through education, communication and empowerment.  We need to give our children the tools they need to face this world when we can’t be with them.
We are developing additional presentations all the time. Presentation material can be flexible to meet the requirements of those we are ministering to.