Speaking Truth In Love Ministries

Faith and I started Speaking Truth In Love Ministries in 2008 to address the issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence. I have been a pastor since 1983 but for much of my ministry knew very little about abuse. It wasn’t until November of 2006, when Faith’s father molested one of her nieces, that God woke us up to these issues.

Our goal is to help raise awareness about abuse, to promote hope and healing for survivors, to help prevent abuse and to stress the need for accountability. We speak in churches, at conferences and seminars as well as coaching and encouraging abuse survivors. Because of our work, we are on the road a lot. but we also do livestreaming and online events.

2 thoughts on “Speaking Truth In Love Ministries”

  1. Thanks for all you do. I listened to Dale on Ugly Truth about the Girl Next Door. From there I eagerly read the book, Tear Down the Walls… I found Dale’s conversation with Faith’s mother on page 85-86 especially telling. It was like reading my own mother’s response when confronted by our father’s decades of sin. My sister and I went from being spoiled and loved, to being shamed and falsely accused all for the sake of reputation.There was little concern about what my father actually did. It is like there is a playbook or something for this kind of thing. Perhaps it is because the conductor is Satan himself.

    1. Debbie, that is so true, it often seems like offenders and the enablers are using a play book, because they say and do so many of the same things.

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