“What an incredible ministry!  We must get this helpful information into Southern Baptist Churches in NY, on the Bridge in Nashville and around the country.  The time is now for every church!”

Pastor Bob Dean, Pastor of Tonawanda Indian Baptist Church and High Point Community Church (Member of Speaking Truth in Love’s Board of Directors, and Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics Board)

“I woke up earlier than planned this morning and decided to use those quiet minutes to read a book I’ve wanted to read for a while.  The author, Pastor Dale Ingraham, began his ministry prior to the noise of #metoo and #churchtoo.  So, if you know that the church’s response to abuse is often lacking, but see the flaws in the #metoo movement, this is your book.  It is deeply grounded in Scripture and in reality.  Tune out religious culture’s pressure to silence.  Tune out political culture’s pressure to noise and chaos.  Focus deeply on what the Bible says and how to apply it.  Honestly, it’s a good enough book that I’d recommend it for a Bible study for the brave souls who are ready to study something deeper than the polite Christian topics.  The principles apply to every kind of abuse, not just sexual.  The best part is the author is still active.  If you end up with questions, you can easily find him and reach out.  The book: Tear Down This Wall of Silence: Dealing with Sexual Abuse in Our Churches (An introduction for those who will hear).  10 stars out of 5
Rhonda Hostetler
“I’ve had the privilege of hosting this ministry in my church–it is of critical need in Christ’s churches of today!  They can help churches and ministry leaders be better equipped to face the last days moral decline of our society.”

Pastor Duke Hergatt, Temple Baptist

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“‘Speaking Truth in Love’ has really blessed me and changed my life.  I was finally talking to people that have been where I am.  They demonstrate love–God’s Love.  It’s easy to connect with them.  Faith is a survivor of sexual abuse and understands people like me who have also been abused when most people don’t.  I am forever grateful to them for all they’ve done in my life.  I really didn’t know before they came what forgiveness looked like.  I always thought when I forgave my abuser that it meant that I was OK with what happened to me (well, I’m not and I never will be).  I also thought when I forgave my abuser that I should forget about what he did and just move on, never to bring it up again. That too, was a lie.  They showed me the importance of forgiveness is not for the abuser; but for myself.  That forgiving the abuser will allow me to heal properly.  Healing God’s Way.  It’s like setting myself free from the hand of the abuser.  This is a program that every person and church should be required to go through.  Dale and Faith have forever changed my life and I am forever grateful.”
 Anonymous  (Repeated over and over by hundreds of others)
“Speaking Truth in Love Ministries is an educational and motivational ministry (speaking engagements, retreats, conferences, etc.) that deals with sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Faith is a survivor of sexual abuse.  She accepted Christ as her Savior when she was five years old and her faith in God never wavered.  Through many years of silence, she finally gained her voice and spoke out to receive healing and peace.  The lessons are for MANY around us today,  they are still silenced.  There is victory and healing in Jesus and hope for survivors of abuse… Sexual abuse is an issue crippling our society, and we must become better equipped in dealing with it.  What they share is life-changing.  It must be heard”

 Dan Rathmell,  Retired Vice-President of Church and Alumni Relations, Davis College.

“Your ministry has blessed us and our women we minister to that have suffered abuse.  The survivors feel like they finally have a voice.  We appreciate your heart and wisdom as you taught our ladies the truth of God’s word as it applies to many of their backgrounds.  As you well know for many years survivors of abuse have felt silenced by the church, which you so powerfully exposed in your book, Tear Down This Wall of Silence.  Thank you for being obedient to the call of God on your lives.  We are so grateful we met you and to have a partnership in working towards healing and restoration.  The memorial service you held for those that lost babies was especially touching as well as healing.  It was a great step forward in resolving the guilt and shame that some carried.  Also the women experience such great freedom in being allowed to share their story as well as knowing that someone cared.  They were able to unload the weight of such great grief.  This was priceless!”  
Jennifer Sabin, Founder, Daughters of Naomi Embraced Inc., www.donewomenshome.blogspot.com
“For decades a secret has been hidden.  Fortunately, it is now surfacing.  It is not a pretty picture but one that finally courageous leaders like Dale and Faith Ingraham have met head on.  The secret is sexual abuse that has the potential to destroy not only purpose, but the very lives of victims.  Once you hear their testimony and find they left all to pursue hurting victims who feel lost without identity, you will meet a couple that can be trusted to help and aid individuals on their difficult journey to freedom.  Everywhere this malady is present homes, schools, businesses. Unfortunately even the church, including leadership is guilty of this sin.  Safe places have been scarred deeply because of the hurt this sin causes.  Finally, over the last few years, the cry has resounded forward.  some people and groups do not like to address the issue for fear of opening the proverbial box that may bring back unpleasant experiences.  That day is over. Open it and let the healing begin.”

 Dino Pedrone, D. Min., Founder and President DP Ministries, 55 Years of ministry experience